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Hey hey, so what’s all the buzz about? Hey hey, have you heard the news? 嘿,嘿,現在在吵什麼?    嘿,嘿,有聽

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Hey hey, so what’s all the buzz about?  Hey hey, have you heard the news?
嘿,嘿,現在在吵什麼?    嘿,嘿,有聽到傳聞嗎?

Somewhere, they’re clearing a path into thin air…  There’s no time to lose!
在某處,有人正在憑空開闢道路...    沒時間猶豫了!

I’d say, we’re up for a tour then!  You say, it’s happening soon?
我說,我們去旅行吧!    好啊,要什麼時候去?

Right now! So, what are we waiting for?  Get set, let's head for the moon!
現在,我們還等什麼呢?    準備好,一起前往月球!

Name the place, and I’ll tell you the time.

Meet you then, surely when the planets align… (Tick, tick, tick~)
我與你相遇之時,星球必連成一線... (滴、答、滴~)


We’re living a life in a big jumble of numbers, and how do you count when it’s all well underway?

It isn’t hard if you just look at the stars:  As they glisten, we listen to what stars have to say.

With or without definition of the finish, we're running and running and it’s just like a race.

Really, I’m feeling that we’re right on the border of making a break in the big case!

Solve a mystery waiting in space…


Bounded by laws and equations…  newly explained in a minute.
被法則與方程束縛... 每分鐘都有新的解釋

Founded by long generations…  now who might stumble in it?
為長久的世代所建立... 現在誰會深陷其中?

If we use all of our power…  what will be left for the future?
如果我們現在就用盡全力... 未來還有什麼剩下?

Energy spent by the hour…  what is it worth to you?
能量一分一秒消耗... 到底什麼是值得的呢?

No story’s done when we put a book back on the shelves,

So we know the ending we want only comes if we find it by ourselves.

Every day in our field is a field day, searching each sign for a meaning.

With two whole worlds’ worth of memory, we can do anything!

Hey hey, so what’s all the buzz about?  Hey hey, have you heard the news?
嘿,嘿,現在在吵什麼?    嘿,嘿,有聽到傳聞嗎?

Someday, that path will be opening…  Which way? It’s our time to choose!
在某天,道路就會開放...    往哪呢?這是我們的選擇!

Hey hey, it’s just like a dream again!  There’s that familiar tune:
嘿,嘿,這好像身在夢中!    這話還真是耳熟

Let’s go! Oh, what are we waiting for?  Get set, let’s head for the moon!
我們走! 喔,我們還等什麼?    準備好,啟程前往月球!

Same old place, and it’s new every time.

Meet me there, this is where we cross the fine line…    (Tick, tick, tick~)
在那等我,在線的另一側...   (答、滴、答~)


We’re tracing the patterns in rings wider than Saturn’s; however we measure them up, which is the way?

It isn’t hard if you just look at the stars:  With our thoughts, we’re connecting the dots– what do they say?

Running from nothing, we’re all running to something;

we're running and running and we’ll pick up the pace.

Maybe the day that we next look in the mirror, we’ll even be seeing a new face.

There’s a dream that we’re ready to chase…


What can we find…  We can see as we open the door for a visit.
能找到什麼呢... 把這當作是一次開門拜訪

Power of mind…  is the key to where power of brain isn’t.
心靈的力量... 就是腦力不可比擬的

If we use all of our power…  what do we leave for the future?
如果我們用盡全力... 還能給未來留下什麼?

Energy spent–  but it comes around, later or sooner…
能量消耗- 但是它遲早會再度回來...

If we only had time, nothing other would matter at all.

Is it true that, with just one taste of eternity, boundaries would fall?
是真的嗎? 只要嘗一口永生,境界就會崩毀?

Nothing holding us down, even gravity– we’re better off without it.
沒有什麼能阻止我們,即使是重力 - 我們沒有它還比較輕鬆

Even with no reason to believe, why should we doubt it?

So, what does it take?  There must be some sort of trick!
所以,要價多少?   一定有什麼途徑!

But the catch is, normal folks can’t pay the price.  They must be lunatic!

For a lunar escape, we would need to be crazy enough…

If the aliens won’t come to us, then we’ll pull our own strings till we catch up.

What if they’re just like us–  well, and what if they’re different completely?
他們會不會就像我們-   那,又如果他們跟我們截然不同呢?

Could they be any more different than you – you – you and me?
他們還你比你 - 你 - 你還更不同嗎?

We can bridge any gap, with an eye upon what that next side could be bringing.

With no more barrier in the way, we can do anything!

I’ve seen the structure of everything.  I’ve seen the gap in between.
我看見一切的結構  我看過其中的破綻

I need to see all the gears turning.  I need to see the unseen.
我需要看見齒輪轉動  我需要看見不可視之物

Look, there’s that craterless face.  It’s a moon rabbit, beaming with pride!
看看那隕石坑的臉  那是一隻自傲的月兔!

What?  What? Ah, how does your mind work?  You know I won’t know if you don’t let me inside!
什麼?  什麼? 啊,你腦袋到底是什麼做的? 如果你不讓我進去就不知道啊!

Isn’t it funny how we look up at stars from our little observatory, way down from here?

Safe and sound on our solidish ground, could the life of a star ever be perfectly clear?

Here on the surface, we just can’t understand them.  We’ll see how they feel when we learn how to fly.

Follow the lead!  I know just what we need is…  A GREENWICH, A GREENWICH IN THE SKY!
跟上來吧! 我知道我們需要什麼...天空的格林威治!








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